Established in 2004, Tekoto Otomotiv plans to export high quality, high quality parts to all countries of the world as its main objective.

Established in 2004, Tekoto Otomotiv plans to export high quality, high quality parts to all countries of the world as its main objective. It is also advantageous in terms of logistics, online support, fast delivery by trying to fulfill necessary conditions and effective cooperation with experienced staff to provide all the needs of the market.
Smarttech, Brenhein are our patented and ISO 9001 certified brands.
We are servicing spare parts for Mercedes, Volvo, Daf, RVI / Renault, Scania, Man and Iveco vehicles, which are popular European truck brands that are accepted all over the world. Volvo-Scania-Sweden, Renault-France, Daf-Netherlands and Iveco-Italy are some of these. We are constantly improving our quality and packaging, updating the number of models, expanding the product range, and the issues we are striving for in order to be able to do business with you. These spare parts groups are very wide and varied. Some of our product groups are:

Motor parts (piston, shirt, ring, etc.)
Suspension bellows, cabin bellows
Shock absorbers
Brake parts (lining sets, discs, etc.)
Complex clutch sets
Glass and mirrors
Clutch balls
Clutch presses and bolts


The responsibility of Smarttech is to continuously improve the environment, socially and economically in every corner of the world in order to create a better tomorrow. By implementing programs that focus on protecting the environment in this direction, making the Smarttech truly sustainable through collective benefit activities constitutes the foundation of our vision.


As Tekoto Otomotiv, we aim to offer the best quality and most reliable products to our customers at the most reasonable prices, clearly aiming to be in a better position than all our competitors in terms of quality, price and distribution. We see ourselves as a means of using the shortest path to the product that the customer needs to achieve the most advantageous conditions. What matters to us is the happiness of our customers.
Today, Tekoto Otomotiv offers the best quality products of its most respected companies in Turkey and in the world to its customers. In doing so, the manufacturer does not neglect to provide great convenience in terms of price by working in close cooperation with the companies. Tekoto Otomotiv is founded by people who believe that small enterprises will evolve into big savings.


Tekoto Otomotiv is aware that a healthy growth is the result of the quality of service and satisfaction of the solution partner. To raise customer satisfaction to the highest level will be with happy employees and happy suppliers who provide services to them. For this reason, Tekoto Automotive sees its customers, its employees and its suppliers as business partners.
Tekoto Otomotiv has made it a principle to consider all the needs of its customers as their own needs and to offer the most appropriate solutions. For this reason, we have established a strong information processing infrastructure and a wide network of suppliers to meet all kinds of customer needs.
As an indispensable feature of the philosophy of solution partnership, Tekoto Otomotiv strives to provide the highest quality service and satisfaction to all its personnel.