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Our company Smarttech Automotive and Technology S.A. which was established in 2004, operates in heavy vehicle product groups, Air Suspension Bellows Production, Molding Room, Plastic Injection, Aluminum Injection and Machining Production, Original spare parts, domestic and imported product groups as a manufacturer and commercially in Turkey and many parts of the world.

Smarttech Automotive, which has a culture of excellence; By increasing our product range for you every day, we design and serve our products in all road conditions with a durable, long-lasting and global distribution network. We share with you the pride of serving as our brand SMARTTECH, known all over the world, in accordance with IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 quality standards in our production and all commercial products.
While fulfilling our responsibilities towards our country, our work and all our stakeholders by aiming for continuous growth, to be a leading company with the competitive power we have created in the sector by offering our customers reliable, long-lasting, durable products and a global distribution network, with an innovative management approach focused on the culture of excellence.


As Smarttech Automotive and Technology S.A. as a global brand that provides continuous improvement in environmental, social and economic studies at every point we operate in the world, we have adopted to contribute to social welfare by creating sustainable values with its stakeholders.